Our Products

Our Products

Digital Visitor Management Solution Ezy Signin & Asset Negotiation and Management Solution Orian AMS

Ezy Signin Visitor Management System

Ezy Signin helps you secure your premises. It allows you to record all visitors on your premises, identify them by their name badge and keep a record of who they met with, for how long and for what purpose.

We help you better manage your visitors experience, enhance your brand and your reputation. Ezy Signin is in the business of helping you seamlessly manage all interactions with your visitors. Ezy Signin, building software that can easily and efficiently manage all visitors to your business, school or department. Ezy Signin’s visitor management application streamlines the checking in and checking out process of managing visitors and sends instant notification by email or SMS to the host.

‎OriA-n Asset Management System

OriA-n AMS is an asset management system with a focus on centralised data, information input controls and document automation.
OriA-n AMS has been designed for businesses to capture data with varying levels of complexity.
It is suitable for use by businesses that are required to capture high volume and complex data (such as a carrier maintaining a telecommunications facility portfolio), as well as businesses managing real estate or fleet vehicle portfolios, which may not require the ability to capture the same level of detail. Wherever your business sits on this spectrum, OriA-n AMS is the solution that will enable you to get the most out of your valuable data.
Built with a comprehensive yet flexible foundation, the system can be tailored to any specification for any industry with the ability to select field options, data control options, guidance notes, approval and workflow processes.

eContract Digital System

Contracts are the lifeblood of any business, and the quicker you can finalise your agreements, the faster you can close deals and generate revenue for your business.

Paper-based contracts are prone to errors, delays and can be a security risk. Turn any paper-based contract into a digital eContract.

You can convert your slow paper-based contracts to highly efficient eContracts. Our team is very skilled and has experience working with several legal organisations. We understand what the requirements are for a successful transition from paper to digital.